Thursday, April 14, 2005

big brass bed

My things are nearly packed. The only thing I need is a bed. I'm looking forward to buying a nice new one (complete with a headboard and frame) as soon as I arrive in my new city. Heck, maybe I'll buy a big brass bed. I've always wanted one. Siesta Besame is a big city with bed shops all over the place. I'll have it delivered, and I'll put some brand-new, fresh clean sheets on it, and I will sleep like a baby. And, one day the sweet lassie who tucks me in at night will call me Baby.

Callin' you baby? Shoot. That don't happen but in the movies. I watched "Road to Rio last night and didn't Dorothy Lamour call Bing "Baby" one time. Ain't a thing. Ain't happening. Nobody gonna call nobody baby no more. They call you stuff like "Squeeze" or "Baloney Pony" Don't no one call you baby.
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