Friday, April 15, 2005

Dead-end Street...

Much of the repartee we share with those around us these days seems to center on middle age and illness and the big sleep. Is this the malady of depression we suffer or the real consumation of a world gone wrong? Maybe both.

The joy and frivolity of life gets lost in the concerns and pains of the flesh and all that joy and frivolity of former years come off sounding like life mis-spent. I guess it's hard to face demons when we don't want to begin by admitting they exist in the first place.

Have no regrets. Hold no grudges. Wish ill to no one. When death is in the neighborhood, as he is more frequently these days, it's ok to not accept it sheepishly. No, nothing wrong with going kicking and screaming.

I'm not afraid to die, I just don't want to do it quite yet.

Too true man. The times get you down. Youget shit from everyone because you can't cut the job and then you got to explain why youre tired. La migra hassles my kids and I been born here. so is my granddaddy. Im going to live here and die here like you all and they treat me like shit. I'm used to it but my kids arent. Live and die by your own rules man. Or live and die by the rules of your God. Not some government. Shit that don't count for nothing. Government don't count for nothing man. It's just some mans rules you got to follow to get by. I tried working all kinds jobs and doing what the man wants and I get shit. I can't walk without them hassling me because Im not like them. Im not been to college or nothing but Im not stupid and they hassle me. Give me a chance. Im as good as you all and more.
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