Sunday, April 24, 2005

An Old Day Now

It's the end of a new day in the naked pueblo. The.chronicler is entrenched in his new digs, ate too much Chinese buffet, ... ad infinitum. I left him as he was departing to shop for a new bed.

The sun sets soon. Kids are laying low, dogs rest after dinner. Things that seemed impossible just a week ago are existent facts. Life is sometimes neither good or bad. Sometimes it's just life and life only.

The preacher today, echoing Ecclesiastes in many ways, reminded that what we are called to isn't necessarily what we want to do. The talents and giftings we have aren't always what we would choose for ourselves. Ego? Vanity? What we like or desire isn't always what's best. What's required of us is sometimes something we are afraid of because it makes us choose between what's right and what we want. Sometimes what we want is what's right and then there's no problem.

Too much reflection for a Sunday night? For me, maybe too much avoidance for too long and not near enough reflection.


Leo, you're a true poet :)
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