Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A quantum of disregard...

These days, the complexities of human life are such that we never seem to get to the basics of reality. You know, eating, relaxing, seeing things , napping.

For example, I was in a Southeastern Arizona Emergency room after a recent brush with eternity and there was a fella talking about Jesus being a student of Zoroaster and that we can't know true enlightenment until at least our second incarnation. Yeah. How will you know when you're due for the second one? What if you're on your 5th and nothing has kicked in yet?

Then there's the complainers, knowing full well upon arrival that they have to wait. Cranky Senior citizens and screaming kids delerious with fever. People who, one would hope, normally know better ranting about stuff they have absolutely no control over.

Me? I read old magazines, napped, wrote e-mail on my phone, napped some more, ate junk food, told lies to the old men with enough sense to just sit and wait.

I'm no paradigm of control or relaxed behavior. Far from it. But I guess when you see the nonsense for what it is, you can somehow continue in spite of it.

Maybe I'm past my second incarnation.


I would try to make a pithy comment to "quantum of disregard," but you have covered the subject totally.

I recuse myself from the subject.
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