Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The simple things

Nitsa, Santa Monica PierFunny thing, a few days ago I woke up with this thought how I haven’t been to Santa Monica pier and I haven’t seen a real good sunset at the beach for quite a while now. And as I was thinking about it I began missing it so badly! A few years ago, when I started taking pictures this was something I did quite often. But now, ah, I’m way “too sophisticated” for these kind of wishy-washy pictures, so usually when I’m in SM I go to the Promenade or wonder about the streets and photograph people and street scenes… so obviously next step was visiting the pier on Saturday evening when the golden light was shining upon the water. It made me so happy! Go figure. The simple things.

Yes, simple things.

We sometimes do get too sophisticated and, dare I say, full of ourselves. Then we forget what we really liked or loved or just plain enjoyed about life. Occasionally we miss it and blow it off as unimportant when thoughts of "simplicity" pop into our ever-so-busy heads. We must have more important things to worry about.

There it is...worry.
In kindergarten we learned to hold hands and create a wonderful tension and bond as we danced in a joyful circle. Now that we are grownups, when you ask someone to try contra-dancing, he or she thinks you are nuts.
You're beautiful
Thnaks, but that was hardly my point :)
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