Sunday, April 24, 2005

What do you do for fun?

I bike ride every day.
At first all I wanted was to stay in shape as I realized computer programming requires many sedentary hours. But after a short while it became one of the best parts of my day.
I was also encouraged to begin making street pictures while bike riding through the streets of Los Angeles.
Now I always have my camera with me when I bike ride.
(this picture was taken yesterday in the West Hollywood)

You look far too intense right there. The gloves and the joyful smirk are intriguing, however.

I've thought I need to bicycle to work starting this summer. I spend nearly 70% of my day outside but still seem to never get the exercise to stay in shape. I imagine it helps to break the monotony of sit-down work a great deal, also giving some new insights into sights sometimes taken for granted

Haven't you been hit with rains these days? Here in AZ we're getting rain that supposedly came from California.
Twice I was lucky to get home just before the rain.
Out here in the desert, you are lucky when you get stuck in the rain. People live to be drenched occasionally. 350 days of sunshine a year gets hard after a while, just like 300 days of clouds and darkness all winter made the midwest most oppressive.

what do you do for a living? don't people work anymore and they just drive around taking pictures.
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