Friday, May 13, 2005

Baggage Claim

The world does strange things to people, makes them think in all sorts of weird ways. Some are content to meander along and let existence just hit them like so many insects crashing and bouncing and exploding on a windshield on a hot summer afternoon in Kansas. Others sit and wait for the lottery to come their way as it eventually must. Others find strange relationships where none could seemingly have existed before.
Did you know you can sing the lyrics of "Amazing Grace" to the melody of the theme to "Gilligan's Island"?

"I once was lost but now I'm found,
was blind but now I see."
Photo by Leo Posted by Hello

That looks like a posed shot. What's the point?
Of course it was posed. Not everything in life is spontaneous. I had the guy sit down and I took his picture. It was funny. Sometimes, what else is there?

Do you make pictures or just comment?
For a second, I thought that dude was my dad.
That's Rachel's teacher, Pete Smith.
I often thought my teachers were lost.
Actually, Pete is one of the most found people I know. Not many teachers can even come close to his talent. Besides which, the guy is a hoot.
What does this have to do with being posed?
I dunno. The anonymous mug thought it looked contrived. Of course it was. The fact that it's a teacher is inconsequential. What I find cosmic is that the guy looks something like Ted's pop.
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