Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Before the Shave

We ate.

I don't know - it looks like pretty light fare to me, or maybe they just cleaned their plates super fast. The tea looks refreshing, however.
Nah, it was lotsa food. We were just waiting to get served at that point.
Hey, who's Kari?
got me.
I think the nice Kari person is the same who left comments on my photoblog
no email address...
Cracks me up how the same two guys can be seen at:
Sorry for not introducing myself - I'm a photojournalism student and I found your blog through Nitsa's wonderful site. I hope to get my site up soon but for now am just enjoying looking at other people's work. Good job, guys! Kari

More than welcome any time. We amble in the mundane, blues, and darker sides of human nature on occasion (Though not Nitsa. She's our leveling agent, the one that stops us from running amok in our own neuroses). E-mail me if you want to post some pics and I'll set you up.
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