Thursday, May 19, 2005


Times being what they are, there is always someone telling you what not to do. Litigation suffocates us and the sheer terror of being sued stops us from living life on its' own terms. Back in the day, kids used to make ramps in the alley and race their bananna seated chariots up them and into the atmosphere. Smart guys would wear 2 or 3 of their older brother's sweatshirts and stuff them with newspaper to absorb the shock of re-entry. If you got a good head of steam up, you could propel yourself 10-15 feet up and at least that far horizontally before crashing into old Mr. Kubicki' s still smouldering ashcans.
Photo by Leo Posted by Hello


And I remember parachuting off the shed roof with large sheet.

Or how about the time we transported the High School Marching Band's drums to contest using the legendary Blue Dodge from Joe's Turf Farm, traveling 100 mph up the Interstate? (true story)
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