Thursday, May 19, 2005

Fire Season

It's funny in the southwest sometimes. You get rain and snow and wind. You also get fire, sometimes for no apparent reason. It'll be dry and get a little warm (it was barely 80 today) and stuff just ignites and POOF! 30,000 acres burn just like that! It burns fast and hot.

Photo by LeoPosted by Hello

Did somebody die in the fire? That looks like a grave.

Perhaps it is where Curly Bill fell,

in a fire

of bullets.
Actually, Theodore, Curly bill was felled a mere 1/2 mile from this sacred site. This is the place where a fella went to be with Jesus a few years back. The fire burned around the place where his spirit vacated its' earthly confines
Oh! That's very cool.

Nice use of the white stones.

And, obviously, Curly Bill's site is probably ringed with black stones, n'est pas?
According to the film, Curly expired in the San Pedro riverbed. Is that accurate?
I believe an arroyo that runs into the San Perdo is closer to accurate; on the Sands Ranch, as it were.
I think a historical marker of some sort is warranted. Not because Curly Bill was a great man, but because it's a great part of the Earp legend.
The legend of Earp was mentioned frequently in the film "The Gunfighter" (1950, Gregory Peck), which I enjoyed Saturday on American Movie Classics channel.
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