Monday, May 23, 2005

Hollywood & Vine

Maybe not one of my best images but definitely the most requested one. Go figure.
Originally I made it for someone for his book cover (short stories about Hollywood).
Just last week it was purchased by E! Entertainment TV for the pilot of a new show (I believe it's going to air in June)(It doesn't matter which show, their shows are all the same)(nothing much) :)

I know that corner, though it's been near 30 years since I was there. I was fresh out of high school (it was 1976) and I was on that weird search for America. I went to see my Great grandma and my Aunt Mary in San Pedro. I got into a fight at a longshoreman's saloon and left with a poke in the nose.

I went to H and V because I had to, expecting to see no one famous. But I did anyways.

I saw a bum named Mike who was rolling his own smokes with pieces of newspaper and left over tobacco from discarded butts. I met a girl named (I think) Irene (maybe Eileen) who grew up in Pacoima but moved to the city in '74 because she knew someone that worked at the Whiskey a Go-go and was gonna get a job.

Later, I took a cab up to the Hillcrest country club, hoping to meet George Burns or Groucho Marx or Burt Lancaster after a round of golf and old Hollywood stories.

Being a long-haired kid in '76, I met the parking lot attendant and saw Jack Benny's car.

Yeah, Hollywood and Vine is my corner, for sure.
I like it. It says "lonely" to me.
why "lonely"?
It's more than lonely. It's the existential angst of youth combine with the alienation of modern life. In short, a capsule of shattered dreams and expectations juxtaposed against the peace that goes with the realization that the world is pretty complete.
To me, it's Gemini.

Two siblings.
To me it expresses something the photographer was feeling at the time. It's very un-Hollywood, and the antithesis of the photo you'd expect someone to make at this site.
Hollywood & Vine used to be a more centralized part of Hollywood but now it's nothing much. The noise moved to Hollywood & Highland.
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