Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The old man loved to rest quietly while no one was watching. He'd sit facing the traffic, feeling the rush of breeze as the cars passed. Someone would occasionally wave, but he had learned to never expect it. He had a rule. Never wave unless they wave first.

At night you really can't tell if anyone is waving or not so, eventually, the old man stopped waving altogether. He felt funny waving to strangers anyways. A few years earlier, there weren't too many strangers around but he also got out more. He figured the less he wandered, the less he'd have to be challenged with. Why cause a commotion unless absolutely necessary?

The night sky was a dark blue. No moon and the stars were just beginning to pin-prick the eastern darkness. Soon it would be 9:00 and he'd head in for the night. But now, just for a second, he felt like staying out. Maybe sleep in the old Cadillac convertible out back and stare into space tonight. Maybe lie in the little bit of grass in front of his desert bungalow. He poured a bucket of water on the fire and went in, satisfied that the day had been long enough. Maybe tomorrow he'd stay out past 9.

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