Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tres hermanos

That's a peach of a picture, enna? If the fella on the left and the one in the middle only had half the testosterone-fueled verve and elan of the Charles Atlas look-a-like sitting beside them, many senoritas would have willingly thrown themselves in their path. Instead, the lovely lasses gave them knives with which to whittle and cracker barrels on which to set their ample posteriors. I would continue, but alas, the recent spate of HIPPA laws prevent me from holding forth on the various medical ailments of the two old coots. Hey, that's one of the coots holding the photo. (He's probably got it propped up from the back, so's we think he's strong).

Photo by Ted, PhotoShopped by Chester Arthur Burnett

Ted didn't take that. I did with my new Olympus digital machine. Almost like polaroid.

Very nice photoshopping.
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