Friday, May 27, 2005

Where are They?

Flying Lizards? You didn't see them? Don't worry. They're still here.
You'll see them soon enough.

Photo by Rachel Sadorf Posted by Hello

Nice shot, Rachel!

Is he asleep?

Flying lizards? Please exlain.

What are you doing on Daddy's blog? Some things here might shock you, such as some old photos of Uncle Larry that I will soon post.
The flying lizards is a reference to a Hunter Thompson comment to Ralph Stedman while they were driving the red Eldo to Vegas. The young man in the immage holds an ucanny resemblance to the late doctor when he was a lad. I believe his sister captured him at his intense finest.
Flying lizards move extremely fast - it's very difficult to capture them on film (plus they're quite camera-shy I've heard), but I'm sure that if you're determined you'll get that lucky shot someday. Don't give up!!! Kari =)
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