Friday, May 13, 2005

The Wolf's boy

I got a boy who's taken to playin' the guitar. Len's got one o' them too. Makes for a pretty noisy time around the house. But hey, it's a trade-off I can live with. Better I should have a budding musician than a kid who's out stealing hubcaps. Do kids actually steal hubcaps anymore, or are they doin' other things now?

Photo taken on Len's back porch by Chester Arthur Burnett

Yeah, bubba. They still steal 'em. What they do with 'em is a mystery to me.
I sometimes think the blues are too hard for a young man to stomach. I know it took me until I was over 40 to take them with any sort of sense.

But then maybe a young man needs the blues so he can grow and survive. It would've been nice to have said at 30, for example, that if I'd have told you all that went down it woulda burnt off both your ears. It mighta held more weight. It mighta moved mountains.

Well, anyways... Two boys playin' the guitar at teen years is a good thing. Neil Young was 19 when he joined Buffalo Springfield. Stevie Winwood was a mere 16 when he sang about being a "man". Can't underestimate them mans. "That spelled M.... A... N..... That represent I'm grown."

Besides, they might just end up being our anti-social security.

Sleepy Leo Borderman
Don't forget teen prodigies Mick Taylor, Peter Frampton, Jonny Lang and George Harrison. All were playing pro by age 17.
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