Thursday, June 30, 2005

Before the rates go up...

Real nice place. Mountain view. Fireplace. Patio. All the amenities. Low down payment. Owner will carry (anywhere you want it).

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I told Ted there were really nice places in Sierra Vista. I said, "Check out some of the places out of town. You can do really well for just a little dough." So, where does he live? A Chinese Karaoke bar that serves breakfast and the waiter teaches him Vietnamese. There and Blimpies Sub shop.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No Satisfaction

I hear no response to the habitat theme. How about a vehicle theme?
Actually, this fits both. There's a fella living in this bus, though I suspect he's wanted by the coppers as he was ready to shank me if I took his picture.
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Road to Coronado Pass

Life in the Desert

We gotta get away from the fast food theme. In response to Ted's burned out house shots and Nitsa's NYC lady in the window , I suggest a habitat theme. To that end, I submit the above image.
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The Duke

American Movie Channel is playing "Jet Pilot" (1957) in which John Wayne stars as a U.S. Air Force colonel who falls in love with and marries a Soviet pilot (Janet Leigh) who pretends to defect to the U.S.A. She's a big-time spy who dupes the Duke.

They have some sexy cat-and-mouse chases through the clouds in their jet fighters. At one point, they fly to Yuma, Arizona, to shack up, and the hotel man says he'll turn on the air-conditioning. They're all sweating. Hilarious.

Funny line in the film: She's a very stern Communist and the Duke is showing her some swimsuits on display at a retail store. She resists this bourgeois nonsense. The colonel points to the swimsuit top and says: "We both believe in uplifting the masses."

Santa Didn't Stop Here

This is to answer Kari's question about the Dec. 18 fire: Was anyone hurt?

Nobody was hurt. A dog was credited with waking one of the neighbors, who, in turn, awoke the single father and probably saved his life from the warehouse fire that would consume his house.

The single father, Kevin, has three young children. They were visiting their mother that night, and were safe, regardless of the fire.

These stockings were still hanging in the window of the gutted house after the fire.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I decided to post this image here because this morning when I looked at it, the lady in the window reminded me of Kari. She's the kindest person I've seen; not asking for anything, yet, she is the one making the picture what it is :)

After the Corona

This is what my neighbor's house looked like after the fire.

99 Cent Super Store Selections

Shopping with Leo is funnier than watching "Smoky and the Bandit" movies!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Spectral Vision

The eeriness of the early morning light combine with the sinister spirit of ebbing darkness often yields images worthy of "Abbott and Costello meet Art Bell" or some such cinematographic endeavor. Posted by Hello

Looking for Relics

You want them triblobites? I got them. Yeah, they're unner the cro magnum skull. No, next to the curtaceous period stuff. No, dammit! Inna box with the Slinkys.

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The 99 Cent Super Store

Now, we'll explore the store experience. I have hundreds of these images. Brace yourelf.

By the way, that is NOT Leo's truck. Too bad for him.


Trust me when I say I've got an inexhaustible supply of the Mexican fast-food restaurant theme.

Heck, I've even got some where I didn't cut off Leonard's feet!

Conscientious Leo

After he spilt his soft drink on the Mexican fast-food restaurant's floor. Probably he could've have ignored it, but it was right in front of the order counter, so somebody might have slipped and busted his keister were it not for the Conscientious Leo and his quick mop job.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

What's Left?

Jeeze. Do I wanna look at junk or do I wanna look at that junk over there. Some days, one mans's junk is just another man's junk.

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Have we had enough of the Mexican fast-food theme yet?

I've got more!!

Land of Jaguars

Yesterday I went on a bird walk through the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. Led by some experts, our targets were the yellow-billed cuckoo and the tropical kingbird. We found them both. I was even credited with sighting a vermilion flycatcher.

The San Pedro River in Southern Arizona is world-renown for its myriad bird species because of the migratory patterns from South and Central America.

One of the birders, an older woman, has made lengthy travels to Turkey and Peru to watch birds, but she says this region is the best.

In addition to the birds, the San Pedro Valley has the world's second-most concentrated populations of mammals. Costa Rica is first. Did you know we have jaguars in this region? They dwarf the mountain lion. They are extremely rare.

Jaguars! I am in the land of the Aztecs. The realm of the Fabled Seven Cities of Gold and the Conquistadors and the Sixgun and Tombstone.

"And loving every minute." (Maxwell Smart)

High Desert Swaps

Beautiful day at the swap meet. By the time I got there, most of the hoi polloi was dispersed. Sure, some of the good junk was gone, but there was no competition for what was there.
Me? I didn't buy nuttin', but the kids got some stuff and it was a good day, photographically speaking.

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Friday, June 24, 2005


December 18, 2004

I had just attended my first contra dance on Friday the 17th in Columbus, Ohio, and I was dead asleep in my living room recliner.

At 4 a.m., still asleep, I became annoyed by a bright light penetrating my shuttered blinds. In my dreams, I was troubled by the loud crackling.

Half naked I walked out to my porch and was immediately jolted to clearness of mind by a wall of flames. An old wooden warehouse was burning. The house silhouetted by the flames stood between me and the fire. It shielded my apartment, and eventually burned up itself.

This traumatic event is why when fellow contra dancers ask me, "When did you start dancing," I always remember: December 17, 2004.

Uno Mas

Same Spot, 6 hours later.

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Hah. Theodore is up at 4:30 stealing art from dead guys to make Leo jokes and I'm up at 4:30 doing some serious creating.

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It's amazing how things change when you use a little different perspective. All that chow that Teddy was raving about last week suddenly looks less than appetizing, doesn't it?

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Another hour, Leo will be up

Arizona is like this in reality


Amazing how powerful this organization became in Sicily, before WW2 and after.

History Channel's got the story.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Go Snorkeling Instead

After Nukes

This is what we will fight with, those of us who are left.

It's all about "tactical doctrine."


Now History Channel's telling about all the nuclear bombs from the Cold War, and how they had all kinds of goofs and lost them here and there. And, the complexity of the triggering systems, etc., and the newsreel showed these airmen sitting in these very boring looking briefing sessions in which they were being trained to operate a "safe" Strategic Air Command. This reminded me of the irony of AK-47 inventor Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov's motto "All that is complex is not useful. All that is useful is simple."

Are we really evolving?

The Chopper

History Channel's got a piece on right now, about the Thompson submachine gun.

The makers -- Auto Ordnance -- failed in marketing it to police and military markets, but it quickly became the weapon of choice for mobsters of the Prohibition era.

They nicknamed it:


But when the Nazis started WWII, the military did an about-face. The Brits were the first to discover the stopping power of this weapon.


Fast Mexican Food

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This site is becoming ....

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Who do you know?

Hey, buddy. Wanna buy some surplus? I got a ton of stuff right up your alley. Still fightin' them Iranians? You want what? Sure, me and Mr. Schultz talked to President Reagan already and it's ok. Buy all you want. We got lots. Got a bridge in Brooklyn too, if yer interested. Posted by Hello

Lizard King

It's not enough having dogs and cats, but now this. Hannah wants a snake now too.

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Leo's World

The cat had gotten into something smelly, and Leo shrewdly handed the critter off to his kids.

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