Friday, June 24, 2005


December 18, 2004

I had just attended my first contra dance on Friday the 17th in Columbus, Ohio, and I was dead asleep in my living room recliner.

At 4 a.m., still asleep, I became annoyed by a bright light penetrating my shuttered blinds. In my dreams, I was troubled by the loud crackling.

Half naked I walked out to my porch and was immediately jolted to clearness of mind by a wall of flames. An old wooden warehouse was burning. The house silhouetted by the flames stood between me and the fire. It shielded my apartment, and eventually burned up itself.

This traumatic event is why when fellow contra dancers ask me, "When did you start dancing," I always remember: December 17, 2004.

I like this a lot. I guess that's what being a hot dance means, eh?
Geez, how scary! The brightness of the flames looks like a scene right out of Close Encounters, but I'm sure it was a frightening experience...photographically speaking I think this is a great photo - the outline of the tree branches, the Christmas lights, the old building - seem to tell a story and it's up to the viewer to figure it out (sorry for getting sentimental and poetic =) ...
It was truly a frightening night. Thanks for the compliment!
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