Thursday, June 30, 2005


I told Ted there were really nice places in Sierra Vista. I said, "Check out some of the places out of town. You can do really well for just a little dough." So, where does he live? A Chinese Karaoke bar that serves breakfast and the waiter teaches him Vietnamese. There and Blimpies Sub shop.

Photo by Leo Posted by Hello

You've been holdin' back on the good stuff, Leo.
No holding back. I got tons of this kinda stuff.
Hah, Teddy's hooked on Blimpie's?
It's a block away from where he works. If he walked a block anna half he could eat Subway and lose those few excess pounds he gains eatin' at suicide eateries. I've seen "Supersize Me" one too many times (it only took once. When the guy lost his sexual drive (probably from McMuffins)I knew this was serious documentary. Even not, I couldn't chance it. The devil you know is always safer than the one you don't know.
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