Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I decided to post this image here because this morning when I looked at it, the lady in the window reminded me of Kari. She's the kindest person I've seen; not asking for anything, yet, she is the one making the picture what it is :)

I like this shot a lot.I guess that's about as close as we'll ever get to seeing what Kari looks like, eh?

Was this from your last NYC trip? I always liked fire escapes.
Nitsa, that's sweet =) ... Do you know this lady, or was she just by the window when you shot the pic? (And yes, Leo, let me find a pic and I'll email it to ya, K?)
'cmon Leo, don't you love the mystery? and yes, I took it during my last visit to NY. It's one of these images that make me feel special as I felt sooo good and special when I took it.
Kari, I didn't know this woman and I don't believe she noticed me at all.
Yeah, I do, but one of the best parts of mystery is the solution, don't you think?
The best part of the mystery is the mystery itself, it will keep you going forever. I think the best mystery books I've read and the best movies I've seen, did not offer a solution... like fast food the solution/happy ending is an american invention :)
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