Friday, June 24, 2005


Hah. Theodore is up at 4:30 stealing art from dead guys to make Leo jokes and I'm up at 4:30 doing some serious creating.

Photo by Leo Posted by Hello

This shot is frickin' awesome.
Thank you, son. I been workin' on the old eye lately. Prints up nice on glossy paper too.
I have to agree with Theodore, Leo. I think this is my favorite one of yours so far. It's beautiful and mysterious, and I love the colors! Kari
Yep. That's me. Beautiful and mysterious. I come and go as the breeze and leave no shadows.
LOL! (And - don't forget - you're a "colorful" character...)
Leotard, this is fabulous. You never told me you had this kind of talent.
Thank you sir.I been practicing. I's gettin' better. I been shooting around 100 shots a day and saving the best 10.
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