Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No Satisfaction

I hear no response to the habitat theme. How about a vehicle theme?
Actually, this fits both. There's a fella living in this bus, though I suspect he's wanted by the coppers as he was ready to shank me if I took his picture.
Photo by Leo Posted by Hello

Mebbe he was nappin'. I get a bit cranky when somebody disturbs MY slumber. A man likes to nap uninterupted. I once took a shot at a UPS guy fer ringin' the bell on a Saturday afternoon.
Nah, I think he's just paranoid about being photygraphed. Steals his soul or something. Maybe he's running a meth kitchen in it or something? In any event, it was my life if I snapped him (believe me, I tried).
Larry, you never used to get cranky when you tried to take a nap back at Shively Hall (i.e. when I borrowed the Doors tape), although there was that little incident with Everett the vacuuming janitor and the slammin' door.
You just don't mess with a man's rack time, that's all I'm saying
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