Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This site is becoming ....

You're such a nannering nabob of negativism (borrowed that from Spiro Agnew). We are simply in a lull. The weather's too nice, life's too comfortable. Some gut wrenching occurances would most likely open the flood gates of caustic and pithy prose as well as a new influx of images. Imagine Howlin'Wolf singin' a song like "Everythings fine and I'm happy". that would most certainly be an utmost of drags and wouldn't sell cd #1.
Well said, Lion of Cochise.
If you want I can tell some of my photographer classmates about this site - believe me, you won't think it's boring anymore =) And yes, they're well-behaved bloggers ... (Furthermore, I don't think they're overly-poetic or sentimental. =)
"Bring 'em on."

— George W. Bush, July 2, 2003 (speaking to reporters concerning militants who threaten American forces in Iraq)
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