Monday, July 18, 2005


(The following is a transcription from memory of a discussion that took place in Gleeson, AZ. on Saturday July 16, 2005).

Theo: "Looky, look, Leo. Ancient Mayan petroglyphs, no doubt. What do you think?"

Leo: "Yes, lad. They are indeed petroglyphs that most likely date back to 1915, when the Pacoima indians left California and headed for Ohio. They then became the Cleveland Indians. If you recall your native history correctly, under the tutelage of Chief Boudreau they became the world champions in 1948 over the Boston Braves in a 4-2 series."

Theo: "Golly, Leo. You sure are smart. I wish I knew all about indians and history and stuff. I'm gonna write all about this for the newspaper. Nobody will ever believe it. I'll be famous. It'll be cool. Hey, What's over there?"Leo: "That, my young and varicose friend, is what remains of the Atlantean temple to the god Shadoobie. It dates back to the pre-Lapidary age when this whole area was at the bottom of the ocean. This sacred place was then a promontory over the coastline. Some say you could see Catalina Island from here on a clear day. That was back when the Goodman band first met up with Lionel Hampton."

Theo: "Wow. And to think it just looks like some old parking garage. I'm glad you're here, Leo. You put a whole new spin on everything."

Leo: Thank you, Theodore. Hey! Watch your step there. There's some cow shit... Never mind."

Ha HA HA !!

Very funny.

Leo, there are times when you are brilliant!
Thank you, my friend.
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