Saturday, July 16, 2005

More from the ghost town

Here's one of the ruins from the ghost town of Gleeson, Arizona.

I had to take this self-portrait because Leo was back in the van hiding from rattlesnakes, scorpions and spiders. Oh, and he was also deleting some of the photos from his camera so he could shoot some photos for hisself.

Theo lies like the proverbial rug. Truth be told, he stood on a wooden crate a step from the van for this pic. He set the camera on the hood to make the shot. Yes, I was deleting some trite photos to make room for other images, but I was also in sandals going through the mesquite and tumbleweeds while he was sobbing after hearing a cricket chirp.
What's funny is the text I chose:

"Here's one of the ruins" ... right beneath my mug!

Yes, I am a ruin wandering among ruins. Good thing I'm wearing sunglasses, or you'd see my crying eyes.
Who's the woman with the funny hat and glasses?
I think it's Ma Rainey. Certainly ain't Mavis Staples
I try to wax poetic ("a ruin wandering among ruins..."), and you guys crack wise on me? Lar used to do that in college.
I wanna go here next time I come out to visit
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