Thursday, July 07, 2005


I read in the Sierra Vista Herald that if you look really closely at the car ahead of you while it's in the pre-soak cycle at the car wash you can see the image of the Virgin Mary in the soap. My ever inquisitive nature prodded me to see for myself. I thought it looked a bit more like Bogie in the scene in "African Queen" when Kate Hepburn dumps the gin out. Maybe the newspaper guy meant the tri-color wax cycle?

Photo by Leo

The line from "The Blues Brothers" comes to mind:

"Ma'am, would it make you feel any better if you knew that what we are asking Matt here to do was a holy thing?"
You can't believe everything you read in that paper!
It's all: true even, if some; of the punkshuashun, and, speling; is shitty .
Yeah..."The truth is there even if the facts aren't right."

-Ken Kesey (Sometimes a Great Notion)
What we often deal with:

Witness A: I saw this.
Witness B: I saw that.
Witness C: I saw something totally different.

Thus the old saying:

"Newspapers may not always report the truth, but they will surround the hell out of it."
And, occasionally we get this situation:

Witness A has a good PR agency, and the reporter is too lazy to check out B and C.
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