Monday, July 11, 2005

where Route 66 ends

dunno why but this one reminded me of you

which "you" ?

there are four others who post here
She's obviously talking about me, the iconoclastic and cute one. Or, she could be talking about "you" inferring the group mind. In any event, I like this one a great deal and would like to comment about Nitsa's new profile pic on her blog: The new look is extremely different. I didn't hardly recognize you. Are you sure that's not one of your kids?
No, i think she's talking about me, the iconoclastic and cute one.

I like Nitsa's minimalist images of signs, trees, sky. Is she trying to counter-balance our wretched excess of compositional materiƩl? I think she's edifying us with simpler virtues. I feel like taking a stress-busting, deep inhalation of air when I look at a photo such as this. However, being L.A. ... perhaps I had better suck in the cleansing breath here in the AZ mountainland instead.

I don't like Nitsa's new profile photo as much as the one where she's holding the bicycle. But the shade of lipstick ... hmmm ... it's very nice! But those mirthful eyes don't come out quite like they do in the other one.

But you don't see my eyes very well at all. Like Mr. Magoo behind his glasses.

Which reminds me ... what is it with us three men on this blog ... we're all hiding behind glasses (mostly dark ones).
I agree with the Chronicler about Nitsa's "minimalist images of signs, trees, sky." Perfect description and an excellent photo... =)
Dark glasses, for me, are solely for relief of eye strain. Oh. yeah, and you can't tell when I'm napping.
ah, I meant ALL of you iconoclastic and cute guys! (don't ever make me chose!)
do I try to to counter-what? all it is about, most of the time, we see life one thing at a time. so this is it. deep-simplicity :)
besides, forever I'll envy you for your route 66...
and by the way, Leo gets 2 good points for liking my new profile photo "a great deal". so there!
Only 2 points? I thought it was a stunning photo. It gives you a certain vixen-like allure and the almost-pout look is intriguing. Do I get more points now? (I never realized I was so competition driven).
Nitsa, forget those adolescent, mooning boys and choose a man like myself who appreciates what's between your ears. -Chester
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