Thursday, August 04, 2005

I want to know everything about these people

I bought this original 620 negative on eBay. I want to know everything about these people. Where was this taken? When? Are they still alive?
Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

We have top people checking it out.
What people?
TOP people.

(quote from "Raiders of the Lost Ark," from the federal bureaucrat who pomised safe handling of the artifact)
These two folks are easy to recognize. All it takes is the prophetic gift of prevarication which I have long had.

The axeman is Hiram "Scoots" Stoopnagle from Sioux Falls S.D. and the babe is his sister Irene "Cooch" Williamson (nee; Stoopnagle). This rare snap of the two of them together was taken October 11, 1932 near the outskirts of Orvisburg, Mississippi. "Scoots" had been touring with the Memphis Hog Stompers and had played the night before in Okahola, about 17 miles north. He walked all night to get to his baby sister's house near the Pearl river.

"Scoots" is held to be one of the few authorities of what is now called "Back Holler Blues", a favorite of the Arkansas hill people, though no Mississippian could tolerate the screechy harmony and lack of rythmn. Tunes like "Dime Store Dickhead" and "Tapeworm Wiggle" were met with ropes and hot tar.

Hence, it is held that Scoots was hiding out from the locals rather than simply visiting his sister and her family.

"Cooch" is still alive and lives in Didleyville, Alabama with her 11 cats. It is widely believed that "Scoots" died in a lawn tractor accident in 1951 and is interred somewhere near Eufaula. He was 48 at the time of his death.
That is outstanding
I figgered you'd like that.
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