Saturday, August 06, 2005

Red River (1948)

This is a heck of a film. The Duke plays Tom Dunson, a hard-nosed boss on a big cattle drive. Montgomery Clift co-stars. Howard Hawks directed.

Awesome film !!!

Interestingly, this was filmed in Arizona (near Elgin) and Mexico.

The Duke sports a long hair-do. says:

"Its metaphoric title was deliberately chosen to evoke the Biblical exodus, another journey in which a group of Israelites leave their familiar homeland and cross the Red Sea into unknown territory. By film's conclusion, the cattle herd are successfully brought to market on the new Chisholm Trail, and the two men are reconciled after a brutal brawl. The tough woman in the film, Tess (Joanne Dru), steps in and breaks up their final fight to the death with a gun. [The film's script was more upbeat than Chase's original story. In the original novel with a darker ending, Dunson's wound - from Cherry - causes him to collapse, and he soon dies. Matt and Tess bury him in Texas beside the Red River and near his ranch.]"

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