Friday, September 09, 2005

At 62 years of age, the boys show no signs of slowing down. Last night's show in Milwaukee was 2 hours of powerhouse rock and roll, plus a blues jam with the legendary Buddy Guy.
Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

Swell. Old granddaddys prancing around with dye in their hair and a cucumber in their spandex singin' about no satisfaction. Been singin' that song for nigh on 40 years. They musta got some satisfaction somewhere's along the line, doncha think?
I take that back. When old geezers can trounce around for an hour or so and lip-synch to their old recordings, they are worth all of $150.00 a ticket. Maybe they got no satisfakshun, but I's sho dey do now.

I tried an' I tried an' I tried, tr tr tr tri tri tried.
HA! Funny comments, Leo.
I itch for the funny comment. I guess I picture myself as the new Groucho. That's why I conected so well with the babes in Mikes blog.

For guys like me, with insecurity issues, being funny is a crutch as well as a bonus. The ladies look to nurture and save our poor asses. Show some liability and they come out of the woodwork. I mean nothing sexist by this, dear ladies. It's just that we men need you to hold us close and not let go.

Otherwise we get lost.
Don't be dissing the Stones. They deserve respect. They are the real kings of Rock and Roll.
Mr. Mike;

I have nothing but the utmost of respect for les Stonez. They are survivors and an endless success story in a business of flash-in-the-pan pretty boys following some formula. If anything, the Stones wrote the formula and continue to rub it in rock and roll's collective noses.

I give Chester a hard time about them because that's what I do. I believe everyone has an unexplainable vocation in life aside from their chosen professions and obsessions. Mine is to be the thorn in the sides of those around me. Not a pretty job, but I gotta do it.
Mike's girlfriend is a nice looking gal. If Gretchen is available, put a picture of her up there.
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