Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Be Prepared

That's me, wearing a Venturing uniform. Venturing is a relatively new branch of Boy Scouts of America. It is open for boys and girls, ages 14-20. A Venturing Scout who achieves the difficult Ranger Award has achieved the rough equivalent of the rank of Eagle Scout, although nothing can compare to an honestly earned Eagle.

There are young women who earn the Ranger Award who are capable of long treks into the wilderness, capable of surviving extreme challenges, and capable of kicking most men's asses.

In addition to the Venturing uniform, I also briefly wore the Boy Scout uniform while serving as Scoutmaster of a revived unit in a small village, and I simultaneously served on a four-county District Committee in Ohio as the Popcorn Sales Chairman (thus, this photo) and Public Relations Chairman.

This photo contains two key elements inspired from photographic lessons taught by the famous Larry Widen (just Google his name and you'll see what I mean) while we studied at Ohio University:

-- sunglasses
-- American flag

One more thing: People wanna bash the Scouts over gay issues. Why do some people want to force gay issues into Scouting?

Isn't it enough to let children have an innocent childhood, and teach them a few valuable outdoors skills?

Why do we need to discuss sexuality with children other than to prepare them with general tactics in order to fend off predators' attacks?

Yeah, always have a flag in the picture. That reminds me of a story, though it's an indirect reminder.

It seems that famed entertainer Al Jolson would do encores with the flag behind him, ensuring a standing ovation.

My cousin Mark, incidentally, is Al's great-grandson.
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