Saturday, September 03, 2005

Behind Brown Eyes (ca. 1980)

I know I seen that face somewhere. Always hidin'. Usually behind a skirt.

Funny foto. Who are these guys?
These two young wags are the notorious glimmer twins of the tri-state area. The scamp on the left is Orland Hammeister and the fella behind old Glory is the infamous Larry Diddley, Bo's younger brother. This shot was taken at a Harold Stassen rally in St. Paul.
THAT is a funny shot!
Hah! That Mike guy still doesn't get it, does he?
Still don't get what? Explain.
The photo is of Leo and Chester when they were boys about 25 years ago. Chester thinks it's funny that you asked "Who are these guys?"
Ted, you lie like a rug. There are no Leo or Chester. They are myth. They were created from the ether to explain all the unexplainables of the universe, like parking meters and stationary bicycles.
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