Sunday, September 04, 2005

Brunch in Douglas AZ

The Grand Cafe, downtown Douglas AZ.

I was the only patron.

There was a Border Patrol agent who stopped in. Rafael was his name. Biggest dude you ever saw. Must have been 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds. He had this very unusual-looking bullet-proof vest on. Shaved head. Spoke Spanish in hushed tones with the proprietor, who treated me cautiously but politely. I imaged Rafael as a cop-on-the-take, and the cafe as a front for massive trafficking of some kind. The whole place had a weird feeling to it.

But the food was excellent. I had green enchiladas.

You may be right about the law in Douglas. Used to be the police chief and the chief in Agua Prieta were cousins. Back a few years, there were quite a few tunnels connecting the two towns. It was not uncommon to find human remains in huge lime pits, and not on that side.

The food, by the way, looks great, though not the same as Flavio's. Nothing like a Sunday morning bowl of Menudo to wake a guy up!
I've heard of Menudo and people joke about it. What exactly is it? It's certainly not usual food here in Nebraska
Menudo, my midwestern friend, is tripe and hominy stew, cooked with many onions, garlic, cilantro, peppers... It's made as a hangover cure, though it eats well any time. You just gotta get over the idea of eating cow stomach lining.
I think I'll pass.

Watch for my blog. If you guys can do it, why not me? Probably late tonite or tomorrow since I'm off work.
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