Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hard Head

The girls are long gone. Chester is irregular. Mike's too green. Leo's not producing. Somebody's gotta keep this blog going.

No producing is right. I am having the proverbial dry spell here. Everything photographic looks like crap. The posterized stuff the last couple of days were a stab at... I don't know what.

I might have to resort to WC Fields lines about little kids and puppies.
What do you mean green?I've been busy drinking beer and fishing. Look at my blog and then call me green.

Seriously. I took off work and used Stubbs digital camera and took some fishing snaps. I posted a couple a little while ago.

Lunch is over. Back to work.
Actually, your blog is good. Yes, I've enjoyed it.

I meant green in comparison with hyperactive types like Leo, who can turn an event such as a binge trip to the Chinese buffet into highly original albeit bizarre photography for this blog. The guy never sleeps. We are all amateurs next to Leo.
Hyperactive? I think not. I prefer being challenged by the slow-moving minds of the masses. Remember, Brother Theodore, that while you work for the worthy 5th estate, most of the huddled masses read on about a 5th grade level. Lofty ideals and ideology are lost on most people. Thinking ethereal thoughts is lost on most people.

That's why I prefer to fly ahead, damn the torpedoes. As I so love to say these days, "As long as I'm moving, I know I'm not dead." Live and learn. Otherwise you just grow old.

Once I said, as in the old TV cop shows, "Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt" That is the beginning of entropy.

Again I chime back to King David.


That word that no one but a jazz musician understands. It's the point in the psalms where the musical director lets everyone lose to wail as the spirit moves them, together or apart. Then they get brought back together.
Order found in the chaos.

I don't need order, as long as I have some understanding of where I am. Chaos isn't necessarily confusion. Sometimes it's the birthing of new and original movements. Sometimes, alas, it's just so much methane waiting to escape.

Hyperactive? Nah. Maybe just a disciple of Brother Zappa.
Leo, that is so profound and yet elegantly simple that I cannot even think of a worthy comment to add.


Why has nobody remarked about my golden retriever Obadiah who I left back in Ohio?
Ted, Obadiah is beeyutiful. I had a golden retriever for a long time too - her name was Cinnamon. They are great dogs - sorry you had to leave him behind =(
Thanks, Peggi!
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