Friday, September 09, 2005

Is We Burnin'?

Image by Leo
Sheesh. I left the camera in the car, in 100+ heat no less, and this is what happened to the film. This was a fire in the Santa Rita mountains a while back. The negatives are tweaked really bad and the emulsion is not long for this world. But, damn, it's a cool image.

Hey, you have a cool blog site here! I'll tell my friends about it.

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I'll leave this bum on. I suffer from back pain. Mostly, it's just a pain in the proverbial ass over dealing with these spam-sized interlopers.

Hell, buddy. Say something cool and then spam your shit. Maybe we'll let you stay.

Get creative!

Argue with us!

Otherwise... Forget it.
You tell him, Leo!
How do these spammer guys find our websites so fast? They are starting to bug me too.
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