Friday, September 30, 2005

On the Levels

Leo, this is a very fine image. To have captured the moon in such a position over such a contour of earth is extraordinary.

I submit a technical critique: When using Photoshop's Levels, if you remove the unused data from your shadows range (see Fig. 1), then your shadows become the truest shadows (see Fig. 2). The same effect can be achieved with highlights, but you had no unused data in that range in this image. Credit the unadulterated light of the moon.

Carry on.

Thank You.
I was bored. Lately you and I are the sole contributors to this blog, so I figger if I feel like posting technical stuff, I'm gonna do it.

That Levels trick ... I learned from a CD that was handed out at the national Associated Press Managing Editors convention in Indianapolis in 1995. The AP Photographers compiled a bunch of lessons like that and published them on an interactive educational CD that also contained an understandable voice narrative as you clicked through the lessons.

So, don't thank me, Leo. Thank The Associated Press Managing Editors and their Photography brethren who made this possible. I was merely passing it along.

Peggi, Leo and I are late the sole contributors to this blog.

Sorry, Peggi! Your comments are always good and appreciated!
LOL That's cool Chronicler. Thanks... I wish you guys would visit my blog too. It seems to be going through a bit of a dry spell over there right now (fortunately the wonderful Nitsa & some other blogging buddies visit sometimes) but I havta think of a way to revive it...let me know if you have any grand ideas, OK? =)
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