Thursday, September 15, 2005

Presidential Grave Dancing

The Harding Memorial in Marion, Ohio, is the final resting place of the 29th president of the United States, Warren Gamaliel Harding (1921-23), and his wife, Florence Kling Harding.

The memorial was built entirely from funds donated by the public.

Every year, the local Boy Scouts hold what they call their Harding Pilgrimage. They march through the city and stop at the memorial for a ceremony.

Then the crypt is opened. It's a cool-looking inner courtyard that is kept locked all the rest of the year.

Notice the kids playing atop the tombs? Should have heard the cranky old bastard yellin' at them kids to get off of dem graves! I wanted to tell the sourpuss: LIGHTEN UP.

Wonder what Harding would say about it?

Seeing as he presided over some of the prohibition years, the "Teapot Dome" oil scandal, admin officials taking kickbacks from bootleggers, and he was known as a philanderer (had a child by a woman 30 years younger) and he died mysteriously (some think his wifey poisoned him for his philandering ways)I would suspect a bunch of youngsters dancing on the tombs would bring some joy to his heart.
Hey, don't knock a guy who's got for a middle name -- Gamaliel -- the name of a revered rabbi in Jewish history.

And he was the first president to make a radio broadcast from the White House.
Oh, a couple more blots on WGH:

Supposedly he gambled away the White House china, and belonged to the KKK. My son loves to blurt those out in mixed company.

Legend has it that he was so amorous in the White House, that the staff nicknamed him Captain Starch, "he never seems to tire." Funny metaphors they had for erections in those days.

Another legend (there are hundreds, but I doubt many of them are true): Once he was found in a closet having affections for a woman, and was scolded by a cabinet member: "This is not how presidents behave!"

The young mistress to whom you refer was Nan Britton. After Harding died of a stroke while in office, Britton wrote a story about the supposed affair, "The President's Daughter," and it has been accepted as truth ever since, although some serious scholars doubt it -- including a professor from an Illinois university whom I once interviewed.

The Marion, Ohio, library has a special research area -- The Ohio Room -- full of books and other information about Harding. I have perused those materials.
Warren was such a wag! Makes Clinton sound like a choirboy.

Lar is being quiet lately, but look at...

He's been busy.
Where do you guys get all this information from? I've got the guys at work looking now at lunch time at what you guys write and they are amazed.

I think Chester wanted to see a pic of Gretchen so I posted one. Its about a year old and her hair is dark again and a little shorter.

I looked at the Tombstone Blues book. That's really cool. I going to order one next week I think. Whose Larry Widen?
I have a t-shirt that says, "I Make Stuff Up." Sometimes I do. Most times I don't.

I've often thought that between me and Chester we know all the stories there are to hear, though Theo has sufficiently changed that opinion. Chester has more nekkid French girl stories (But everyone's got those kinda beach shoes) but Theo has a plethora of philosophical and media related information. Me? I stick to the earthy and scintillating facts around everyday life, though I do go off into a zen trance on occasion (usually less now since the drugs have worn off).

Nice pic of Gretchen, by the way. Tell her to write. We seem to have scared all the gals away with our political screeds. We need the feminine touch to take off the rough masculine edge we tend to portray.
Interesting blog guys. You never seem to run out of things to say. You go from blues to politics and some pretty funny stuff there Leo. Ill check back from time to time.

Oh, by the way Leo, is that you on the profile for real? Pretty Cute!
HA HA ! If that's Leo, then he's also a raging alcoholic and cranks out bestseller novels in a single sitting.

Actually, Leo has merely borrowed the picture of deceased author Jack Kerouac.

Dig back into this blog for actual images of Leo the Lion of Cochise.
Theo is correct, though I am the channeled embodiment of the deceased king o'the Beats. To borrow from a Highwaymen lyric entoned by the late Waylon Jennings, "I was so weird it would have killed a normal man."

There will be a new Leo photo soon.
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