Sunday, September 11, 2005


Photos by Leo

This house is really not too different from this rendition.

Damn Leo. You should be a picture man or something. These are really trippy.
I posted some fotos from a bar I was at last night. I thought they were good. Look at my site
What do you guy's think? I was still a little hung when I figured out how to use the diggital camera. I learned doing 35mm and I am still lost with these digital ones.
Mike, those are really good shots on your blog. Just don't ever tell Chester the names of the ladies, because he'll never leave them alone. Nor will Ted. I seem to be the only respecter of ladies these days. They just wanna meet their daddies and clean out the bank accounts. I, on the other hand, wanna treat them with the love and kindness and sweet lovin' touch they deserve. I'm sure you agree.

Yeah right, Leo!


Ted. You surprise me. Why is it that you and Chester come to me cryin' and askin' me how to win the ladies? How to treat the women-folk?

Ask Chester about the Mellow Yellow incident and you will understand.

When the ladies leave me it's because they can't take no mo. They itch done been scratcht. I done satisfied and tickled too.
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