Thursday, September 22, 2005

Soil Replacement Therapy

IN THE TOP PHOTO, you can see my Geo Metro contains three buckets of clay soil that I dug out of my garden back in Ohio. I would transport it to a field beyond city limits and dump it.

Then, I would take the empty buckets to a friend's farm (see photo below). My friend had cattle, and I would refill those buckets with cow crap.

Then I would transport it back to my garden, and "inject" it below the surface of the soil simply by working my spade. Good exercise. Long-range soil enrichment benefits.

My 1.0-liter-engine Geo Metro could haul three 5-gallon buckets at a time. You don't always need a pickup truck to get things done.

Fifteen gallons of soil replacement therapy per trip. It was a project with no time limit.

My friend's farm -- a 180-acre wonderland of mostly ancient hardwood forest -- had this really cool 400-year-old hickory tree at the corner of a soft pasture, where I would occasionally build a campfire and sleep beneath the stars. Naturally, I used dead, dry, well-seasoned hickory limbs that abounded on that enormous tree to make my campfire, which was most excellent for searing delicious steaks.

I bet those steaks were excellent! The grass sure looks green there, probably due to all the good soil, I'd imagine =) Do you have any photos of the tree?
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