Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ted and Britney's Love Child

Funny how they dwell on the obvious. Nose? No doubt.

Ted, Is there a stem on the apple?

Is that what an ultrasound looks like? I have kids and have never seen one. How do they tell from there if it's a boy or girl?
Sorry Bud. Nothing to tell from these usually, but the probiscus is marked. I've got 8 of these at home and you can't tell nothing from them. If you think it's a boy, it might just be a thumb.
I am laffin' at the title of this topic.


I, too, somewhere in all the piles of pictures and stuff, have images such as these from when my kids were forming in the womb, from 1989 to 1992. I guess that's when sonar imaging technology was becoming more accessible to the common folks.

Psalm 139 says literally, "You knit me in the womb."
Ha ha! I just zapped a spammer's comment! (but first I made sure it wan't Nitsa's, heh-heh)
Aren't you guys doing anything new? I'm depending on you to excite my day.
Have you seen my new posts?
Mr. Mike:

I spend the whole day screwing with computers and rarely even use one at home. Sometimes it gets tiring, so I take a break. But have no fear. I trust Myself and Theodore and hopefully that poop Chester will get on the stick and rile you up some more.

Well, well! It's Mr. Kerouac!
It's a nice pic. I figgered I could use it, as lawrence once named me "real king of the beats".
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