Sunday, September 18, 2005

Walkin' a thin line

Photo by Leo

Leo, that's nice use of shadow and silhouette against the incomparable Arizona sky.

The light pole provides very clever and subtle messaging about the county government preparing to enact a tough, new anti-light-pollution code. Your sense of timing and compositional prowess are awe-inspiring.

Ya know -- I've heard that some dark-sky-lovin' folks shoot out lights in certain neighborhoods of our region.

Last night, as I drove to Tucson, I noticed the total darkness in the mountains on my left. Those are the Whetstones, I believe. Someday, those hills will be dotted with domiciles, just like in California.

The lights are coming.
These particular lights and boys are at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. The fair was ok,but it's an exercise in redundancy these days. Sure, it's nice to see your kids' projects and the animals and stuff. But after a while a pig is just a pig.

Santa Cruz has light regs now in this area. Check the statutes, but I believe darkness must occur before 10:00 around here. Santa Cruz doesn't enforce strenuously, but they do call and remind occasionally. I've seen very few problems though. Truth be told, I may be the worst offender.

Here at the school, I have public lites on a timer set for 9 and everything was designed with a cap (except the lights for the colored pillars out front which only get used occasionally) so following the code isn't impossible, though sometimes we slip up. And, yes, there are those that'll shoot out the lites. Not because of darkness regulations, but because they don't want people to see what they have. Of course it's more rural here and always has been. Many areas in Cochise county, especially south of SV, respond to the whims of urban transplants. Not to say there aren't those lifers that want lites. But those aren't that many I don't think. Like us, probably 80% of the residents of Cochise County are from somewhere else. I'd be interested to see what the old-timers or natives have to say about it, if you can find any.
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