Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lawd a Mighty

Photo by Leo
OOh, Boy! I don't think I've ever seen a look like that. I've known the mug since we was both teenagers and that particular facial response is a totally new experience for me. It could denote scantily clad tarts, a taste bud overload (likker or Jalapeno) or some particularly painful release of methane. What do you think? Give us some input. The correct responder will win a really cool prize yet to be determined, but cool none the less.

Ooh, a prize? Cool...I think I know the answer too - it's like the scene in "Shrek" when Fiona informs him there's an arrow in his butt! Am I right? Do I win? =)
Good guess, but no cigar. The arrow was much later in the evening.
LOL Yeah you're right, he wouldn't have been able to stay out too long if it had happened early in the day =)
I'm the guy in the pic and even I don't know what happened.
Ah, so that makes the elusive answer to this story even more interesting & mysterious=)
I recall completely what happened. I have total recall and a photographic memory. It seems Speed was just leaving the Longhorn Restaurant and Saloon after manhandling the food serving lady. She was a nice woman and she put up with a lot from him. Upon leaving said establishment, the ever scurrilous Paxton realized he'd left his undies in the cuarto de baƱo. His jeans were riding up and breathing was becoming difficult, as he'd eaten far too much. It was definitely a rolaid moment.
Poor Speed - that certainly explains his um...odd expression =)
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