Friday, October 28, 2005

Leo's mustache judged at Helldorado Days

A black guy, a white dude and a Mexican went to Tombstone ...


... and the girl said, "But the gum has lost its flavor."

The real me. Caught between my ancestry and a gun-toting future
LOL Nice pic. Did ya win? (and Ted, just what exactly is this gum joke you keep referring to???)
Thanks Peggi!

Sadly, Leo did not win.

As for the gum ... you should let Leo explain.
Once the gum has lost it's flavor, it's got nothing in it's favor.
The black guy doesn't even have a mustache
No, he had a little goatee, but no upper lip hair. Me and Pancho Villa there were the only mugs wit real mustaches. The other contestant had a paste-on.
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