Thursday, October 06, 2005

My Family

Every one of my three brothers is clearly visible in this photo.

Try to guess which one is my Old Man.

Mom is deceased since 1982. Chester remembers that phone call, which came to his dorm room.

Also deceased is my oldest brother who was a Marine like our father.

I am No. 4 of The Five Boys. We grew up on an Ohio farm, whose kitchen has seen many feasts like the one you see here.

Mom and Dad nicknamed my little brother "Quent" ... because it is Latin for "fifth born." He's the one in the tie-dye shirt. My favorite, probably because we are No. 4 and 5, born in 1961 and 1963, respectively.

Truly a beautiful fambly scene. Question is, how'd they get the likes of you? Black Sheep and sinner?

Probly the same way my fambly got me. Default. Default o'De Lawd.
You got a tie-dyed brother? Who'd have thought? Gotta watch out for them mugs. Probably a Deadhead too, eh? I kin spot 'em a mile away.
Nice photo Chronicler, but I'm very sorry to hear about your mom and your brother. There's nothing like a midwestern kitchen - it reminds me of family reunions in Illinois when I was little (and of course makes me hungry at the same time)
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