Sunday, October 02, 2005

N'yah, I'm inna bizniss baby. Big bizniss.

Lissen, doll. I seen ya at the Catamaran Club and youse are something else. What a set o' gams! Ever think of modeling? Yeah, I know. Sounds corny. But really, baby, I'm a photographer. Ever heard of Argosy or Police Gazette? No? No matter. I'm their biggest photog and I can make youse a star, No, really. Herda Ida Lupino? She's one a mine. Bess Myerson? Weeki Wachee Water Ballet? What? No matter. I can..... Hello? Hello?

Great setup.

I remember seeing this image a long time ago.

And I do mean a LONG time ago. For example, several things date this photo:

• big hair
• big sunglasses
• hair that's not gray yet
• liquor instead of Geritol or prune juice
• is that a hand-crank phone?

Ahh Chester, ya shoulda been on the silver screen!
Hah. I took that for Lar's 1979 Christmas Card. The one he used had lights hanging around his head, giving him a multi-colored halation.

I took one of him trying to pull Judi into the tub fully clothed (winter coat as well) but it showed some gruesome parts that I choose to not remember seeing. Looked like he'd just gotten out of a cold pool, if you know what I mean.
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