Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sonoita Darkness

Foto by Speed Paxton

Found my way here via 'Desert Photography & Fine Art' and I think this is a neat shot. Cusious if its an in-camera affect or post edit. Nice blog and keep at it.
This is an eerie image. It is as if Leo has already become a ghost of his former self. True, Leo?
Paul, we try an' do all our work in-camera, like yer Al Stieglitz or yer Andre Kertesz. If we can't, we do it outside the camera, like yer Man Ray or one of yer other MOMA photo manipulatists. We're the new order of Photo Secessionists yez have been reading about these past 30 years. We're known 'round the globe as the F2.8 Club. Leo and I went into seclusion when the PhotoPunks said we we a couple o' champagne-swilling old dinosaurs who wouldn't know a good photo if it bit 'em on the ass. But they're all dead now, and we've emerged from our self-omposed exile to reclaim our crown. Expatriates no more, we are BACK!
Yeah, buddy. Weegee resurrected! Walking with Kings.Up here on the mountaintop, we're all snow leopards.
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