Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The architect of rock and roll

At 72 years of age, the voice is as elastic as ever, effortlessly sliding into the strident shriek of "Lucille," then plunging into the lower registers of "Rip It Up, the baying of a preacher from the pulpit admonishing his flock. Last night, Richard Penniman, aka The Architect of Rock and Roll, showed a Milwaukee audience why he's still the King of the genre he helped create. Richard's bawdy piano playing unconciously melded the sacred with the profane, his left hand playing the stride bass lines found in Southern gospel churches while his right hand hammered a tinkling honky tonk that would be welcome in any Georgia whorehouse. An 11-piece band provided a thunderous backdrop, with two bass guitars, two lead guitars, three saxophones and two percussionists.

Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

MAN! That's some prose.

And what a photo. Richard is gleamin' like an angel. But is that a fallen angel?
Isn't that awesome the way my camera caught him glowing? I mean, it's lousy photo technique, but it's SO cool!
Would you have expected less? He is, after all the Quasar of Rock and Roll.
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