Monday, November 14, 2005

Contra band

These are the Privy Tippers. Normally a wholesome event that in no way resembles the meat markets of bars, contra dances nonethless have plenty of subtle ribald humor and flirtatious witticisms. Oftentimes dances that are many generations old have names like "Skinny Dipping" or "A Roll in the Hay." The musicians that you will encounter at the best contra dances are virtuosic, as good as you will find in a concert symphony orchestra.

People from 8 to 80 years old love contra. In some ways, it is like going back to kindergarten, when we all held hands and walked in a circle, feeling the tension of the group. That's the key to contra: You've got to HOLD ON to each other.

OK, I admit it - it does sound kinda fun =)
Yes! You do have the legs for it, Peggi. I noticed this as we hiked Ramsey.

Try it sometime.

Next Tucson dance is Nov. 19.
Ted, you are way too kind =) and here I was thinking you were looking out for rare and exotic wildlife to photograph LOL...the dance does sound fun, I may try and go.
LOL! Well ... "rare and exotic" does sorta fit ya, does it not?

(We will have no cheap shots from the peanut gallery, Lar&Len.)
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