Thursday, November 03, 2005

In Vain...

Phot0 by Leo
Well, the blue light was my blues
and the red light was my mind.
All my love's in vain.


Your love is never in vain.

Spend it. Spend it extravagantly!
After reading Chester's book I guess Robert Johnson was one dude who had reason to sing the blues
=( But yeah, I don't think love is ever in vain either - as long as it's true; not simply possessiveness or jealousy disguised or wrongly proclaimed as love - then it's just downright dumb.....
Blues go without saying. Not a man alive who doesn't have the blues. If he doesn't he's lying. Women? Nothing sexist meant, but it just ain't the same. We are equals, but we are so very different.

Not that women don't have the blues. It's just a different derivative.
True, we are different (and that's a good thing =). But anyone who's doin' time here on planet Earth will no doubt be caught singing the blues from time to time...
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