Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mon Dieu!

Photo by Leo
What was I thinking? I know I'm gonna regret this in the morning. I come out here every year and expect things to be different. Midwestern tourists that think they're annonymous and then throw their business cards aroud town like snowflakes. I have to remember to not start drinking before 5. It's always the same. I'm gonna have more than a headache tomorrow, that's for sure.

Nice portrait of Larry, who appears to behaving himself for a rare moment that evening.
I don't even remember this. Was I nipping at those little bottles of Captain Morgan then?
It looks as though you met up with one of the beautiful & highly sought-after Tombstone Gabor sisters, PT =) Hope you behaved yourself.....(if I remember correctly you were nipping at those little bottles of Captain Morgan the night before too LOL)
Hah. Zsa Zsa looks like she's had a tough night.
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