Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nyuck, nyuck...

Photo by Leo
I posted this on my other blog Away With Words and got a response from a guy in Iran. He liked it, but corrected my international social ettiquette.
Here's what Saleh said...
"Cool. Good luck for him , but in Iran that kind of sign have some bad meaning like f**k you or ;)i proudly linked your photo blog Leo."
I like that. "I proudly linked your photoblog Leo". A most worthy image making friend.
Check him out. Some good shots. Words Are Never Enough

Similiarly, Leo, if you grin at a mountain lion, this does not communicate to the giant cat that you want to be his friend, but rather you will defend yourself tooth and nail if he is menacing you. (this is actual advice given by the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks)

In making messages to our fellow creatures of this planet, one must pay careful heed to the perception of those messages on the part of the receiver.

So, Leo, the next time you get a thumbs-up from a person from a different country, just wiggle your ass a little, and make a wincing face, and then see if your action provokes a sadistic-looking smile on the face of the message sender. But, remember, it may not be sadistic thoughts he is sending your way, but only the warmest wishes!
Teddy, You're scarin' me. I want my mom!
Sorry, that was twisted and sick. But hey you started it!
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